• Andrei Nikitin

    Head Bar Coach / Head Vault Coach / Team Stretch and Conditioning Coach / Recreational Director

    Coach Andrei started his gymnastics career in Russia where he was a top-tier athlete. Andrei’s gymnastics training was supplemented by formal ballet instruction and intensive conditioning and stretch programs. Coach Andrei was a member of the National Junior Team of Russia where he was a Regional Cup holder in 1994, and a bronze medalist on vault and high bar in 1996. In 1997, Coach Andrei was the National Vault Champion and the All-Around Regional Champion.

    Coach Andrei followed up his successful competitive gymnastics career as a High Bar performer with the Moscow Circus. His experience as a circus performer brought him to the United States where he was a member of the trapeze production of “Sky Surface”, which he performed with the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus.

    Realizing that he still had a passion for gymnastics, Coach Andrei returned to his roots and became a coach for competitive gymnastics. Andrei has extensive experience coaching vault, bars, and tumbling with gymnasts from Compulsory levels through level 10. In his nine years as a competitive gymnastics coach, he has coached gymnasts at the State, Regional and National levels.